Commercial Liability Insurance

Legal Disclosures

IFIX carries a commercial liability insurance policy covering most instances of property damage or bodily injury at the service address of any residential classified customer. This policy is in place to comply with local, state, and federal regulations (if applicable) and to provide financial protection for all parties in the event of an unfortunate accident. While we as a company do everything in our power to avoid unfortunate incidents and are very clear and forthcoming in the fact we put the safety and health of our customers and employees first before anything else:

Accidents can  happen! Always use caution and be aware when work is underway! Our insurance carrier requires customers and bystanders. Keep clear of the work area with a minimum distance of 50 FEET. Keep an eye on small children, pets, and anyone who is unaware or cognitively not able to follow these instructions. 

Our service personnel use dangerous tools and chemicals which carry a risk of injury or death if malfunction or misuse occurs. Even the most benign situations can turn very dangerous and pose a serious threat very quickly. BE SAFE. BE AWARE. BE SMART. 

If an event happens where property damage or injury occurs to anyone as a result of our presence on property and during the normal course of our work please stop work immediately. if a fire, medical, or other emergency is presently occurring call 9-1-1 and request emergency responders before you contact our office. notify our office immediately. Our contact information can be found here. If you would like to inspect and/or obtain a copy of our current insurance coverages please contact our office. This information is available to all previous customers or new customers with a scheduled appointment and a service deposit on file. Solicitors, non-customers or other unauthorized requests shall be denied.