Senior Hazard Repair Program (SHRP)

Giving back by taking away dangerous conditions in the homes
of seniors - at no charge.

Well, it's been a very stressful year for our senior population in the Phoenix Valley, Arizona, and throughout our country. There's been a killer virus that for some reason had its sights set on our valued older citizens, perhaps you've heard something about it. OK, kidding aside, the Coronavirus is a serious matter and a serious hazard. But it certainly isn't the only hazard that can cause serious injury or worse, there are from time to time things around the house that can pose the same level of danger, or worse. We're talking here about things like loose electrical wires, hanging lights or fixtures that need tightening, the light bulb on the stairs that you can't reach so you've been feeling the way downstairs at night waiting for that one slip that could change everything and so many other issues around the house that need immediate attention. Not fixing these things just because you may be unable physically to do so, not having enough money to pay a professional to come and help you, or because you may not be familiar with the fix for this issue or lack the proper tools and safety equipment is no excuse to leave these problems unresolved! Or at least these are not excuses anymore.

At the beginning of the pandemic, when businesses shut down and we had to close our doors for safety, - oh, and an order from the Governor of Arizona, we felt we still had work to do. We felt that with the current situation our skillsets as a company may be useful in some way, and even though we weren't making money, we wanted to stay busy and give back a little to the community who have welcomed our tradesmen into their homes and put their trust in us to get the job done right. After much thought and discussion we implemented the IFIX SENIOR HAZARD REPAIR PROGRAM or S.H.R.P. for short (we call them "sherp calls"). The SHRP program allows any person 65 years of age or older to call and place a work order for any hazardous condition that exists in their primary residence that would put that individual or their spouse at an immediate unnecessary increased risk of illness, bodily injury, or death. We respond to these calls within 24 hours and send one of our workers to neutralize the hazard so it no longer poses an immediate threat. The distance, service call and any parts necessary to complete neutralizing the hazard(s) are completely FREE OF CHARGE to the customer.

We have had a very unexpectedly strong response to this program and we are fortunate to be able to provide this service. In fact we are hiring and training more workers in 2021 and when our first class of new hires is trained and in the field, they will be required to run a predetermined nunber of SHRP calls to maintain a positive employee rating and be eligible for raises, paid time off, and other benefits. We believe that frequently giving of ourselves as a company without any expectation of monetary compensation in return is important to our success. We want to attract not only the best workers but the best people with the best hearts. We feel anyone not willing to do just 1 or 2 hours of unpaid hours per week to help someone who deserves it, probably wouldn't be the best fit in line with our vision and our business ethics, and the inverse is true as well. We're hoping when we roll this program out on a larger scale we will attract the best of everything in our hiring, add them to our team, and make IFIX a further respected and professional place to work.

 So this being said, please, if the benifits of the SHRP program fits your current situation and you find yourself embarrassed or afraid to call thinking you should not take our labor for free, don't worry, you are helping us by calling and booking a repair more than you know. Money is not the only compensation a company can earn. We can earn your future business, we can earn your referrals, and we can earn your respect and your friendship. Please, if there is a dangerous situation that you think we may be able to fix for you, call 623-227-0000 now and tell the rep you are calling about the hazard repair program and you would like to request a work order. We'll ask you about your problem and get some basic information from you and we'll take it from there. Very easy. 

We look forward to meeting you either soon or in the future even if you never have a need for the SHRP program. Maybe you'll remember us and call for any other home improvement or repair need you have at your home. We do it all so give us a call! Stay safe and stay well.

dc 🙂

David Clouse is the CEO and owner of IFIX Project Management