Home Service Pros

An IFIX tradesman (or tradeswoman) is an individual who is committed to the highest level of courtesy, respect and customer service. They are focused on getting the job done right - - every time - - and above all and with each skilled task they complete, safety for the customer and their property is the #1 focus.

We foster these attributes in our field personnel and provide them logistical support, close supervision, and the resources and tools necessary to complete jobs quickly and safely. Our tradesmen are required to have a solid understanding of code requirements for the job they are completing and are held accountable to apply that knowledge on the job as if a county inspector was coming right behind them to scrutinize their work.

Speaking of inspections, we routinely place post-service follow up calls to our customers for any home repair or home installation appointment to ensure the client is satisfied and delighted with the level of service they received and to give a chance to air any comments or questions that may not have been addressed on the original service call, although our tradesmen are instructed to allow the customer to inspect the work completed before our worker(s) are permitted to close the work order. We incentivize strict adherence to these protocols by structuring our employees' compensation disbursement by the job and we do not release payment and assign additional work until the previous customer has indicated complete satisfaction with the work performed and indicated the items set forth on the work order are complete.

As part of the IFIX Home Service Guarantee, if there is any problem with the quality of the repair or installation at your property, our tradesmen are required to return to your address with a senior field manager accompanying to inspect, troubleshoot, and if necessary remedy the issue at hand. Rest assured, unlike hourly employees at other businesses or independent handymen who may be tempted at times to rush jobs just to receive payment, our operating procedures leave our skilled workers virtually no reason to cut any corners or perform substandard craftsmanship.