About Licensing

Q: It's important to me that I only hire a 'licensed' company to perform work in my home. Are you a licensed contractor that is legally allowed to perform this work?

A: No, we are not a licensed contractor. YES, we are 100% legally allowed to perform the work we offer.

“Licensed” is a term that’s thrown around quite a bit in the home improvement and home repair industry. “Contractor” is another term you’ve likely heard to describe independent tradesmen, handymen, and companies that employ skilled laborers.

Skilled labor. That’s what you as the customer is really seeking when you search for the right home service provider. You want the person or company most qualified to complete the job. You don’t want to get your wallet cleaned out with the higher prices offered by licensed contractors and at the sane time you dont want to pay bottom barrel prices for shoddy or unsafe work. I know, it’s a real conundrum. So what to do?

The first thing you need to do is understand the law. You need to understand who is qualified and legally permitted to perform the work you need done, so you’re not hiring a electrical engineer to install a new power outlet in your garage. Like killing a fly with a flamethrower. Will it get the job done? Sure. Would it be far too much force to accomplish such a task? Absolutely. For the work we perform, we are not required to obtain a license, mainly because we don’t do any work requiring permits, we dont do any work on large projects, and we dont work on anything that poses a hazard like the structural integrity of a home. Those type of jobs require permits and licensed contractors for one reason – governmental oversight. The government needs to make sure this type of work is done correctly to the letter and complies with the most current IBC, or International Building Code – the worldwide governing bible on how structures and the utilities within must be built to ensure safety. Lack of oversight and shady contractors can and does result in these types of horrible disasters. Not good.

License or no license we take our work very seriously, and we have very strict internal oversight and quality control measures. We also adhere strictly to local and state building codes where applicable and the IBC. Just because the government doesn’t require us to be licensed, because they don’t believe the scope of our work is a life and death situation, doesnt mean we dont think our work is important. It is. And safety and code is #1, even before customer service, and if you know us, nothing comes before making our customers happy unless it has to do with keeping our customers safe.

We take the law and the safety of our customers , our workers, and our community extremely seriously and we operate in-bounds at all times without exception. Any worker of ours found to violate building codes or performing work outside of what tasks are allowed for us to perform by law is subject to a zero-tolerance policy which includes immediate termination and reporting to law enforcement and/or the AZ Registrar of Contractors. Luckily, we take great care when hiring and train our people thoroughly so this has not been a problem in the past, but we are confident our strict policies regarding this type of behavior  in addition to our tight internal quality control will prevent any occurrences in the future. If you suspect any of our workers violating policy or offering to complete “side-work” out of our supervision please report these instances to our main office by contacting us immediately.

The Arizona Revised Statutes provide very specific exemptions for licensure in which we operate. You can review the section regarding this law verbatim here

If you have any questions or concerns about this topic or wish for us to clarify this information please contact us and we will be happy to help. Now that you have the proper information, you can make the proper decision in hiring the home repair or installation service provider that best suits your needs. We hope you’ll choose us to save money on quality work without the expense of a licensed contractor for a job that may not require one. Remember, a license does not guarantee quality craftmanship and absence of licensing in no way should convey expectation of a lower quality of work. Every tradesman and every company must make a commitment to quality and ethical business practices, which is something all the licensing in the world can’t make someone do. Lucky for our customers, we commit to these standards every single day  not because big brother is closely watching, but simply because its the right thing to do. We take pride in our work. Our work is our signature. We sleep well at night knowing our customers are satisfied and we have done our job the right way, everyday, no matter what.

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