Our CEO & Founder

An open letter to our valued customers

October 7, 2020

Dear Prospective or Current IFIX Customer,

I am so excited to write today and welcome you to the IFIX family. Part of our mission as a company is to serve each and every customer as the important, indispensable cog in the machine we call IFIX. Without you, we wouldn’t exist as a home service provider in the Phoenix Valley. Our home improvement and repair services our specifically designed for the everyday homeowner or investor that wants the attention and skill set of a large licensed contractor completing an expensive home improvement project, but on a much smaller scale and at a much smaller price point. We aim to give you the professional experience and the quality results you expect whether we’re changing light bulbs or wiring up a room addition with new electrical outlets. The customer experience has suffered terribly in the past 20 years as the new generation has taken the reigns on the front lines of our businesses, small and large alike. We’re met with the words “no”, “can’t”, “unfortunately”, and “won’t” far too often in today’s consumer experience and I can say with certainty, I’m tired of it and if you identify with these statements which I’m almost positive everyone reading this can — you’re tired of being treated this way too.

My company IFIX, while it may not change the world overnight, has been designed to be an example of what a delightful customer experience should be. We aim to please and we aim to leave you with that feeling that every dollar you’ve spent on our services is a dollar well-spent, a dollar that represents not just a service received, but value. Value can be expressed as a simple mathematical equation: Great Quality + Great Price = Great Value. This is the equation we discuss as a team at every meeting. As a company made up of individuals we each take ownership of roles and responsibilities everyday that foster the sum of this equation. We all work toward a common goal together – to provide great quality from start to finish and in every detail for our customers and we set our pricing to ensure our service is available to all, not exclusive to just a select few with the economic means to enjoy our home repair and installation services. 

While we may never be perfect, we strive for perfection, and by doing this we do our very best. But don’t take my word for it, schedule an appointment online now, or run our online pricing calculator and see how easy we make the process – even before we arrive at your door.

Thank you so much for being the best part of IFIX. We look forward to meeting you and meeting your home repair and home installation needs. God bless you and your family during what has proven to be a very dark time in human history. We will get through this if we love one another and stick together. I promise.

My best,

David R. Clouse
IFIX Project Management LLC
(623) 227-0000 X 101

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." -- Winston S. Churchill